New Testament Challenge

A ten week study of the entire New Testament. You even get one day off per week! You will memorize Scripture, grow in your understanding of the text, and develop useful notes to share with others. Get started today!

Meaningful Study, Maximizing Your Time Invested

You will read the Entire New Testament in ten weeks


Your time is valuable

You will spend about 30 minutes per day, six days per week to complete the New Testament Challenge as scheduled..


Online Resources

By connecting with our weekly(ish) E-mail "appetizers", our blog, and a growing Facebook community, you will add value to your New Testament Challenge study experience. Share it with your small group, blog, or youth ministry to further your reach.


Turn off the TV and Netflix for a while

What would it look like if your family traded just 30 minutes of TV time per day for study of the Bible? Find out today with the New Testament Challenge.

What Our Readers Are Saying.

Like any good bible study, this one can be easily adapted in the hands of more experienced bible readers. In fact, after going through it yourself it could make a simple source or outline for a group study, with many of the questions ideal for initiating discussions. Those who are always looking for a store of lesson outlines or thought-provoking prompts will find plenty to work with. Orr's book captures something basic to the Christian life: following Christ is a challenge; studying his Word is a challenge; persevering and trusting him is a challenge. But the challenge is never greater than the reward, and with this book you can find both.


Josh Mcfarland

Pastor, Hardin Christian and Missionary Alliance and Author, Pieces of Eden

I decided to take Chuck Orr's New Testament Challenge as a change of pace from my Read the Bible in a Year plans. The study covers the entire New Testament in 10 weeks through daily readings followed by a few questions. Even with a busy schedule I found the days' readings to be quite manageable, but I still appreciated the built in day off each week to catch up on reading or just life. The discussion questions were well thought out and inspired reflection and a more thorough understanding than simply racing to check off a day's reading goal. The very first week I discovered a fact I'd missed even though I'd read that passage many times before. The New Testament Challenge is easy to read, suitable for students as well as adults, and adaptable to either personal or group settings. This plan will be a valuable tool for exploring and studying the New Testament. I encourage YOU to take the Challenge, too.


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Chuck Orr II

Chuck is a husband and father of four. As a bi-vocational pastor in the Pacific Northwest, he serves a local church and works in a leadership role with a major telecommunications provider. When free time presents itself, writing is a favorite activity. If you take a close look at the profile pic at left, you can make a guess at hobby #2.

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